Isisford Fishing Competition-25k

The original concept was devised by the then Isisford Shire Council to promote Isisford and the surrounding district. Council believed that the Barcoo River and fishing were an integral part of the lifestyle of the district and that the event would (hopefully) become a 'Signature Event' for the district. The concept was funded by Council, the ACC through Kim Mobbs and Queensland Events. Council authorized staff to organize the actual event through the Isisford Industry and Recreational Development Association Inc, with the support of volunteers from the district. Up to 80 volunteers help out over the weekend event through catering, registering anglers, measuring fish or organizing novelty events.

The original event was held July in 2002. Council estimated that the attendance would be 250-300 people - actual attendance was approximately 595 competitors. Attendance has fluctuated over the years with a high of 684 competitors in 2007 and a low of 518 competitors in 2005. The inaugural event was held with check points and catering held under tents erected at Oma Waterhole.
Proceeds from subsequent events and funding grants saw permanent sheds erected at the site with Council providing showers & toilets. Council and the organizers have always ensured that firewood and portable toilets are provided for campers as well as watering dirt roads along the river to reduce dust problems.

The first year that the fishing competition had actually been cancelled was 2008, due to rain which was very unfortunate for those competitors who have dedicated their holidays every year to coming to the annual competition.

This event has over the years become a significant event for our community as well as the region and has been recognized for its achievements by the RAPAD Central West Industry Excellence Awards for Community Event of the Year in 2008. It was also recognized for its achievements for Australia Awards "Community Event of the Year" in 2003.

Isisford Fishing Competition - Attendance Numbers
2002 -499 Adults, 96 JuniorsTotal=595
2003 - 541 Adults, 97 Juniors Total=638
2004 -545 Adults, 96 JuniorsTotal=641
2005 -438 Adults, 80 JuniorsTotal=518
2006 -486 Adults, 91 Juniors Total=577
2007 -582 Adults, 102 JuniorsTotal=684
2008 -"Cancelled due to rain"
2009 -542 Adults, 119 JuniorsTotal=661

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